A breakthrough
in on-site sanitation

Save time and make more money with a Sanzfield.

Manufactured and distributed by Rotoplas, and designed and powered by Sanzfield Technologies Inc, these advanced wastewater treatment systems will soon hit the market and change the way you think about on-site sanitation.

They are safer than traditional septic systems, and have been scientifically proven to efficiently reduce solids and kill odor-causing bacteria and viruses.

Process in just a few hours a quantity of effluent that could take days for traditional systems.

This incredible speed and quality performance means that these systems are more compact, modular, lighter in weight, and require a significantly smaller drainage field to install. In short, a Sanzfield can go where the others can’t.


Safer. Faster. Smaller. Lighter. Better.

What if...

What if its lightweight, compact, modular design and minimal drain field meant it could be installed in tight spots and challenging terrain previously considered too small or too difficult to develop?

That would be nothing short of groundbreaking. And it would come from no one else but...

Don't just neutralize microbes.
Destroy them.


Our revolutionary Sanzfield treatment systems work in a dual tank process to clean and reclaim black and greywater. It all begins in the Oxidation Tank, where the energy-efficient SanzAir creates massive amounts of densified micro bubbles that quickly reduce BOD.


Once the content reaches optimal oxygen levels, it’s transferred to the E.M.M. tank where, with the help of the SanzMicro, the micro bubbles bond to carbon-based organics and eliminate odor-causing bacteria and viruses in a process we call Electro-Molecular Maceration. The result is safe, sanitized water that’s ready for subsurface drip irrigation or non-potable recycling.





Better tech needs a better tank

No filters. No leaks. No odor. No complicated parts. No worries.

  • 1

    promotes better mixing and flow

  • 2
    100% Virgin
    Polyethylene structure

    ensures dependable, long-lasting use

  • 3
    Twin wall construction

    provides stand-alone strength, above ground or below

  • 4
    Insulating thermal foam

    ensures optimal temperature control

  • 5
    Rounded bottom design

    prevents build-up of solids

  • 6
    Secure, removable lid

    for safe, easy access

  • 7
    Deceptively simple SanzAir

    with no moving parts, and virtually no maintenance required

  • 8
    Quiet, energy-efficient SanzMicro

    offers cutting-edge performance with just 12 volts of power


All Sanzfield models are designed
to meet international standards.
  • Overall Height w/ Lid
    63″ *
  • Overall Width
    114.72″ *
  • Height of Rim Cover
    10.25″ *
  • Maximum Daily Flow
    1,000 gal*
  • Inlet Valve Diameter
  • Empty Weight
    100 kg*
  • Standard Power Supply
    110 V
  • Motor Rating
  • 30 Day Average CBOD5
    < 25 mg/L
  • 30 Day Average TSS
    <30 mg/L

Discover new and better business opportunitieswith Sanzfield® and Rotoplas®

The perfect combination of innovative science and reliable, quality manufacturing.

Sanzfield Technologies, the brains behind these exciting innovations, has worked two decades to fine-tune and improve this process. Recently, Sanzfield has become part of Rotoplas, a world-class water industry expert with 40 years of industry experience in 13 countries.

Through Rotoplas and Sanzfield’s collaboration and extensive market research into industry pain points, exciting new products are taking form that reduce water consumption, create new opportunities, and change the way the world treats water.

Existing Systems

Repairing or upgrading an existing system? Connect a Sanzfield to the existing septic tank and produce high quality output in your drain field. Adding a Sanzfield will prevent further degradation and help keep your field clear of harmful bacteria.

New Installations

Compact and lightweight, a Sanzfield can quickly and easily connect to a trash tank to create one of the most advanced septic systems available. The safer, higher quality effluent means your drain field could be up to 70% smaller than the competition, depending on local regulations. Alternatively, the Sanzfield’s output can be directed to a subsurface irrigation system, or reused for non-potable purposes.

septic system or trash tank


  • Small footprint requires little digging
  • Modular design to fit home needs
  • Outputs sanitized non-potable water

drip irrigation

  • Subsurface irrigation system
  • Fewer soil requirements
  • Flexible tubing can be routed throughout landscaping

Common footprint

and drain field requirement

Sanzfield footprint

and up to 70% reduction in drain field size

Quick Comparison

  • Large lot size requirements
  • Extensive soil and percolation testing
  • Costly maintenance and repairs
  • Long dwell time
  • Potential for contamination
  • Likelihood of failure from dependence on biological processes
  • Long approval process for new infrastructure
  • New sewer line costs can run into the millions of dollars, becoming very expensive for the developer
  • Costly sewer tap fees
  • Variable monthly water & sewer bills can be costly for the homeowner
Old-school septic systems take a lot of time and effort to transport and install, and their bulky size, contamination risk and huge drain field requirements leave a lot of land undeveloped. Connections to municipal sewer systems can be costly and time consuming. Get peace of mind for you and your customers. Sanzfield systems by Rotoplas use proven science and progressive design to solve these problems. With nearly zero risk of failure or contamination, Sanzfield advanced wastewater treatment technology will save time, money, and help you break new ground with your customers.

Life is about to get a lot easier for select industry experts


to get early access to Sanzfield® news, products, and exclusive distribution opportunities.

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Safer. Faster. Smaller. Lighter.Better with a Sanzfield.

by Rotoplas